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Our experts will offer you Refurbished hard disk that brings a higher margin opportunity to the overall customer solution.  We can provide the product and support necessary for you to make your business more profitable. We can offer best wholesale prices on all kind new, recertified and refurbished storage components.

Ustore focus has always been on data storage components. We are specialized in the import, export and distribution of New, OEM, Recertified, Refurbished, Pulls Hard Disk Drives (HDD) & Solid State Drives (SSD).

Welcome to pioneers in providing solutions for data storage, creating spectacular products that empower individuals and organizations around the globe to make, share and save their most of their recollections and business information.

Throughout the years the concept of data storage has developed from MB to GB, affirming the need to effectively store and get to colossal measures of information. As interest for capacity innovation develops the requirement for more prominent productivity and more propelled abilities keeps on advancing, we aim to offer all hard drive products as per requirement.

Data storage is more than simply documenting in present times, it’s about giving approaches to break down data and comprehend it for later use. We are expanding on a legacy of capacitive administration to understand the test of getting more out of the living data that is delivered regularly. Get all type of hard disks with safety and virus protection ensured.

Advantages of using refurbished hard drives


On average our customers experience 15-20% savings on desktop/notebook drives and upwards of 40% on Enterprise drives.
With only a 1.5% failure rate, Factory Re certified Disk Drives offer the lowest failure rates over used and even new drives.
Consistent material supply through our 6 worldwide stocking locations. That means, the parts you need, when you need it, where you need it.
Every component found in a Factory Re certified Hard Drive comes from the same approved suppliers that the manufacturer’s use for their new product.
Only state-of-the-art equipment is used by the manufacturer to test and repair Re certified HDD’s.
In order for a hard drive to earn the “Factory Re certified” label, it must pass stringent quality tests and requirements causing them to have some of the lowest failure rates available.
The Economics 94%
Stringnent Quality Requirements 96%
State of The Art Equipment 90%
Top Quality Products 98%
Sustained Inventory 92%
Superior Quality 97%
uStore sells the refurbished hard disk with the factory recertified and most of the time the result is much much better as the new hard drive. it is reliable one.
Archana Patchirajan
uStore does not ditch its clients. it provides best assistance regarding the non working of the hard drive and it does not let the entrepreneur to suffer as it gives the best support to its client.
Mukund Mudras
uStore provides the refurbished hard drives at the reasonable rates in comparison with others and its disappointing rate is quite low so one can trust to go for it. It is much reliable for the big industries which is purchasing the hard drives in bulk can get a good discount
Rwituja Gomes Mukherjee

Buy Refurbished Hard Disk Online From Best Distributor GLOBALLY

We all have been listening about the importance of hard disks in this digital era. But have you ever wondered why?

The way your device performs is imperative and extremely important to preserve data, store vital information that is essential and crucial for any business and its smooth functioning. Most of the devices have an inbuilt hard disk, and the performance is relatively fine and apt. However when we face issue with any trouble with the drives we use, life almost comes to a halt.

Thank god there are ample hard drive distributors around who make sure to offer sufficient support in repairing and refurbishing these essentials to make sure your work, business or productivity is not hampered at all.

We welcome you to our company, being the leading and one of the most pioneering name for hard drives, offering the apt storage solutions to everyone, without pinching your pockets.

We have been a leading and a reliable name in offer the finest Refurbished hard disk at bulk, wherein quality and commitment plays an integral role. We have been serving our clients for over a decade now, without any complaints and almost nil issues. So, the next time you are looking for a solution connects to simply the best, an online company that offers Refurbished hard disk at wholesale price.

We make sure to offer each and every hard disk that is triple checked for optimal quality, innovative features and a credibility tag from our company that makes them your reliable Refurbished hard disk.

Now without a second thought, you can buy Refurbished Hard Disk India through our portal to ensure your business runs nonstop and without a halt. There is a lot of competition in the market; no matter you are putting in your sheer dedication, but what if your hardware doesn’t support you?

Well, this certainly sounds like a nightmare, but not anymore!

This is certainly your very own hard drive shopping website that offers you a huge opportunity to pick the one that is closest to your match, while we guarantee the condition and its credibility, without a doubt. We are backed up and supported by a hard working and dedicated team that ensures ample quality check, high-end, and advanced technology enhancement in each component you buy from us, without a doubt.

Quality and integrity have been our strengths and pillars to offer a beyond expectation produce, while our company has been floating around offering simply the best in the market since long now. So, think no further and get in touch with our experts or Buy Refurbished hard drive online without a second thought!

Hard disks have eventually made a mark in the computer market, making sure each user is empowered with an assurance of his credentials, work, and reports at the power of his hands at every moment. You can choose amongst the finest quality, optimal designs that are created in order to offer you the comfort, guidance, reliability and dependence you have been looking far, until now!

Quality and Cost Benefits

Quality Benefits

In order for a hard drive to earn the “Factory Re certified” label, it must pass stringent quality tests and requirements causing them to have some of the lowest failure rates available.

Lower Failure Rates Than New or Used Drives

Cost Benefits


20%+ Cost Savings Over New Desktop & Notebook Drives


30%+ Cost Savings Over New Enterprise Drives

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Re certification Process

Every Disk Drive that earns the quality statement of “Recertified” goes through the same rigorous test processes applied to WD, Seagate, Toshiba, and HGST’s new drives. This includes process flow, test sequence, test time, and pass/fail criteria. If replacement parts are required, they are purchased only from approved suppliers and need to meet or exceed design specifications. Recertification test processes, always applies the latest standard firmware and test processes ensuring all benefits of the latest product designs.

Hard drives that pass the re certification testing process will receive a unique label certifying its’ Factory Re certified status. These drives can only be distributed in the market by authorized distributors, such as Ustore, to ensure authentic, quality parts.

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