In September 2009, we introduced the Backblaze Storage Pod to the storage community. We then open sourced the Storage Pod’s hardware design, and included a parts list, assembly instructions, and a cool 3D Storage Pod model. This enabled anyone with the desire and ability to create their own storage system. Refurbished hard disk,  Over the past 6 years we’ve continued to invest in our Storage Pods, here are some of the highlights.

1 – The Beginning: Petabytes on a Budget

We thought our Storage Pod 1.0 blog post, “Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage,” would be read by a few thousand storage enthusiasts. We were wrong. Over 1 million people have read that post; it seems that open sourcing the hardware design of a storage system was pretty popular.

2 – The Storage Pod Idea Catches On

The “Petabytes on a Budget” post showed that it was possible to build reliable, yet economical, data storage. Almost immediately, individuals and organizations began building their own Storage Pods. Here are a few examples:

3 – More Secrets Revealed with Storage Pod 2.0

After nearly two years and many lessons learned, we announced Storage Pod 2.0 in “Petabytes on a Budget v2.0: Revealing More Secrets.” Pod 2.0 doubled the amount of storage to 135TB and doubled the speed, while lowering the overall cost of the system. And Storage Pod 2.0 was still 5 times cheaper than other data storage systems.

4 – Lights, Camera, Action

Over the years, we’ve tried to give folks a look behind the scenes here at Backblaze, even if it wasn’t very pretty. Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate our commitment to openness.